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Trump Talks Wall, Deportations, Roe v. Wade, and Clinton’s Future in 60 Minutes Interview

On Sunday night, CBS’s 60 Minutes aired President-Elect Donald Trump’s first televised interview since he won the election. The in-depth interview with correspondent Lesley Stahl touched on everything from Trump’s reaction to the win and his plans for when he enters the highest office in the land. As Stahl suggests in the opening of the segment, Trump doesn’t seem so ready to make good on campaign promises as use them “as opening bids for negotiations.” Among the policy points the president-elect walked back were the multi-story wall — he would be willing for “certain areas” to be a fence — and said he’d have to “think about” the proposed special prosecutor against Hillary Clinton, who he described as “very smart.” As for deporting illegal immigrants? He’s focusing on the “people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers” who he numbers to be over 2 million people. Watch the video above.

Watch Donald Trump’s Interview on 60 Minutes