Watch Jessica Chastain Call the Shots in This Exclusive Miss Sloane Clip

If Jessica Chastain, radiating steely intelligence and glamour, asks you to be on her side … I mean, you’re gonna pick Team Jess, right? This is the seemingly no-brainer choice that characters face in this exclusive clip from Chastain’s new movie Miss Sloane, out November 25. In the John Madden–directed film, Chastain plays Elizabeth Sloane, a formidable, micromanaging lobbyist who springs the first of many surprises in this scene: Instead of putting her ragtag young team to work on a campaign to defend the gun industry, as her boss (Sam Waterston) and colleague (Michael Stuhlbarg) have ordered her to do, she reveals during a morning meeting that she’s switching sides, heading to a much smaller lobbying firm in order to advocate for a controversial gun-control bill. And then she asks, “Who’s with me?” Press play to see who makes the jump in this high-stakes game of Red Rover, and know that you would have been Team Jess’s first and most valuable recruit.

Watch Jessica Chastain in This Miss Sloane Clip