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Humans Season-2 Trailer: Synths and Humans Just Can’t Get Along

If you’re already deep into Westworld and need more AI-themed shows in your life, check out Humans, which explores the blurred line between humans and machines. In the trailer, Niska’s code is making synths conscious (when will we ever learn?), and Dr. Athena Morrow is starting to investigate. Meanwhile, the Hawkins family is dealing with Joe losing his job to a synth and Mia falling for a human. Slowly, it becomes pretty evident that synths and humans won’t be getting along too well. “If a thing can be free, it should be free,” Niska reminds us. “If it can think, it should think. If it can feel, it should feel.” Watch the trailer above; Humans returns in February 2017.

Watch the New Trailer for Humans Season 2