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Watch the Skin-Crawling, Skin-Peeling Trailer for Horror Film Replace

In the trailer for Replace, a girl with a really bad case of dry skin is not willing to listen to her doctor’s prescribed regimen. Kira (Rebecca Forsyth), the young lady in question, has a disease that makes her flesh age rapidly and flake away forever, that is, unless she can replace (get it? That’s the title) it. According to Entertainment Weekly, “Kira must choose between watching her body fall apart or give into temptation, regardless of the cost.” Seeing how this is a horror movie, we’re going to assume Kira does indeed give into that temptation and some costly skin snatching is about to go down, probably of another pretty young woman. Kira doesn’t strike us as the wait-for-a-viable-donor-transplant type.

Watch the Skin-Crawling Replace Trailer