Watch Trey Parker Guide His Daughter Betty Through a ‘South Park’ Voiceover Session as Ike

Now that we have a president who is fond of using the word “pussy,” it seems only fair that our children should be able to use the word too, especially when it has the solid comedic delivery of Trey Parker’s three-year-old daughter Betty. A few days ago, Parker’s wife Boogie uploaded a clip to Instagram featuring Trey guiding Betty through a voiceover session of two lines as Ike from last week’s episode of South Park, and while she struggles a little with the first line (“What’s goin’ on, Dad?”), she has no problem delivering the second line, “Daddy called you a pussy!” As The A.V. Club notes, the show has used different staffers’ kids to voice Ike over the years, and seeing how perfectly Betty nails the line just proves that Parker’s comedy talents have been successfully passed down to the next generation. Check out a clip of a very proud Trey Parker watching the final clip featuring Betty’s voice below:

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Watch Trey Parker Guide His Daughter Betty Through a […]