2016 election

Who Is Taylor Swift Voting For?

Photo: taylorswift/Instagram

While other celebrities been driven to write op-eds, star in PSAs, and even strip down in order to urge others to get political, Taylor Swift has remained completely mum when it comes to politics. No obsessive amount of Googling could have sussed out her election pick, not that it stopped America from making her the most-searched-for answer to the question, “Who is ___ voting for?” Based on her Instagram pic this morning, however, at least you know Taylor Swift is voting, and hey, she has to vote for someone!

Question is: Who is that someone? Is she a Gary’s girl? Is she Jilling off at the polls? She’s probably just gonna put “Taylor Swift” as a write-in candidate, isn’t she?

But let’s consider the logistics here. So far, we’re not even sure where she’s voting: Taylor went to Lorde’s birthday party in New York last night, but we’d guess that after she showed up to jury duty in Nashville in August, and “still has that Nashville number,” per Kim’s Snapchats, she’d be voting in Tennessee, which seems tough logistically considering last night’s events (it’s unclear where this photo was taken, and also if Taylor voted early and posted the photo today). She could also conceivably vote in Rhode Island, where she owns a home that’s the site of her famous parties, or in Pennsylvania, where she grew up and where her vote would matter most.

We put our money on Taylor voting wherever the tax law is kindest to her, and voting for whomever best fits her self-interest. Or, who knows? Maybe this is all one big staged hoax — where’s the “I Voted” sticker??? We will literally never, ever know because it’s not really any of our business, and there’s nothing more American than that.