Wyatt Cenac Released a Free EP About the Election Called ‘One Angry Night in November’

Wyatt Cenac celebrated the four-year anniversary of his live Brooklyn show Night Train earlier this week, and today he released a free EP from the show featuring a 17-minute standup set about the presidential election. The full EP is available once you subscribe to Cenac’s newsletter, but here’s a taste from the beginning of the set:

These last couple months, they feel like the last couple weeks before school started, like the last couple weeks of summer vacation. Remember when you were a kid and those last few weeks you never wanted to go to sleep and you just wanted to be outside all the time cause you knew school was starting soon? That’s what’s happening now: School’s about to start, and we’re in for some hard lessons. Cause this is not the school that all our friends go to. Nah, this is some weird military Christian academy our parents signed us up for cause they caught us smoking weed and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.

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Wyatt Cenac Released a Free EP About the Election […]