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You Can Now Download Netflix Originals for Those Times You Don’t Have Wi-Fi

You might think you currently have sufficient access to Netflix original content, but watching Netflix while sitting on your duff in the privacy of your own home is amateur hour. What about when you’re spelunking in Abkhazia’s famed Voronja Cave, the deepest cave in the world? Or when you’re buried, David Blaine–style, in a lead-lined coffin for reasons that are nobody’s business but your own? Or, you know, when you’re on the subway? Wherever you are, you need to be able to watch the last season of Bloodline. Starting whenever the Netflix app decides to update itself, you will now be able to download Netflix TV shows and movies to watch at your leisure, should your leisure look anything different than turning into a puddle of sweatpants on the couch like most people do.

You Can Now Download Netflix Original Shows