You Need This Clip of Maya Angelou and James Baldwin Right Now

Even if last week hadn’t happened, I’d still coax you to watch this exclusive clip of Maya Angelou and James Baldwin from the documentary Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise, which is receiving a winter 2017 release, after a run in select theaters this past October. It’s 90 seconds of pure pleasure as Angelou describes how she was innately drawn to Baldwin, a fiery thinker and essential writer who was also, as Angelou deliciously puts it, quite hot. To watch Angelou and others recount their unique friendship, and to see vintage clips of Baldwin and Angelou hanging out … well, it’s exactly the tonic you might need after a fraught week full of political division and deeply felt hopelessness. So press play and take a seat opposite Maya and Jimmy, if only for a little bit.

You Need This Maya Angelou–James Baldwin Clip