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Aasif Mandvi to Donald Trump: Attack Hate Groups the Same Way You Attacked the Cast of Hamilton

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Aasif Mandvi has had enough of President-elect Donald Trump’s ceaseless Twitter tirades against, well, just about every random thing under the sun. In a new essay for the New York Times, Mandvi wrote about how Trump should give the same amount of time and energy on social media to condemning hate groups as he does to other trivial matters, such as certain Broadway musicals and late-night programs. “When the president-elect wants to unleash his disapproval, or his thin skin has been ever so slightly bruised, the people responsible can be sure to find themselves on the receiving end of a Twitter barrage like none other. That’s what I want to see now, and I won’t settle for less,” Mandvi wrote. “The American people deserve to see Mr. Trump attack these hate groups and the people perpetrating hate crimes in his name the way he attacked the cast of the Broadway hit Hamilton, the cast of Saturday Night Live, the television personality Rosie O’Donnell, Gold Star families, the New York Times, Miss USA, the Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, women accusing him of sexual misconduct, protesters and the I.R.S.”

Mandvi is particularly keen on Trump speaking through his Twitter account as opposed to the press, as he believes Trump is never disingenuous on social media. “We don’t want a pro forma apology extracted out of him reluctantly by a reporter,” Mandvi wrote. “We want him to feel so hurt and angry about Nazis using his name that he is up tweeting at 3 a.m. So let me ask you, Mr. Trump — the cast of Hamilton are worth a tweet storm, but you can’t muster even one tweet against neo-Nazis yelling ‘Hail Trump?’ Nothing?” At this point, who even knows.

Aasif Mandvi to Donald Trump: Attack Hate Groups