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James Franco Adds Alien: Covenant to His Incredibly Long Résumé

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James Franco is joining the Alien universe, appearing alongside Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Guy Pearce in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant. Much like the previous movies in the franchise, a ship full of people sets out on a mission for a planet they think contains one thing but ends up containing something much more dark and terrifying. This time the ship is the Covenant, and the souls onboard think they are headed for an “uncharted paradise.” Instead, they find a menacing world with one inhabitant: the synthetic David 8, who is the only remaining passenger from the Prometheus expedition. In addition to returning cast members like Fassbender and Rapace, Franco will appear alongside other new faces like Katherine Waterston, Demian Bichir, Billy Crudup, and Danny McBride. Maybe we’ll get to see a new chest-burster, and maybe it will burst out of Franco’s chest. Keep the hope alive.

Alien: Covenant Adds James Franco