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Amy Schumer in Talks to Star In Sony’s Live-Action Barbie Movie, Which Is Unfortunately Going to Be PG

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty Images

Amy Schumer is, of course, the perfect casting choice to turn the rigid plastic world of Barbie on its hollow, beautiful head, but oh, can’t you just imagine an R-rated Barbie movie? A little something for the bad moms? Deadline reports that Schumer is in talks to star in Sony’s planned summer 2018 tentpole Barbie as the infamous Mattel doll. Cast out of Barbieland for her no doubt many endearing flaws, Barbie must learn to make her way in the real world and embrace her imperfections, eventually returning to her homeland to save her former countrywomen. Deadline also reports that the studio is searching for a female director. Schumer will take her own pass at the child-friendly screenplay written by Hillary Winston, meaning there will surely be a little something for the over-elementary-school-age crowd. Those kids wouldn’t get a lot of it anyways. They’ve never even worn heels.

Amy Schumer to Star as Live-Action Barbie