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Azealia Banks Filmed Herself Cleaning a Closet She Claims to Have Performed Witchcraft Rituals in, and That’s Not a Euphemism

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Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

If you think you are incapable of being further surprised by this year or by Azealia Banks, then this video of the rapper and Twitter personality cleaning out her small witchcraft den might shake the numb off of you. According to Banks, who is filming herself here, she’s been practicing witchcraft in a closet (presumably in her home) for about three years now, and it’s apparently time to do some pre-spring-cleaning on the walls and floors that really, really seem to be covered with blood and bird feathers. The site of it all is really quite horrifying, but Banks, unsurprisingly, seems to be treating the whole affair like she’s doing some light remodeling to a storage space. “Real witches do real things,” Banks tells us before she begins power sanding the wood floor. Happy new year, everyone.

Azealia Banks Has a Room Dedicated to Witchcraft