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Ben Foster Drilled Out His Own Tooth for Hell or High Water

Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images for BFI

When Ben Foster was hired for Hell or High Water, he was (ostensibly) in fine oral health. But somewhere between being cast and showing up on set, the actor decided his character needed — nay, required — just one missing tooth. So, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he did the obvious: Foster “showed up at director David Mackenzie’s New Mexico apartment and stuck an electric drill in his own mouth.” The drill was his own, one that he had delivered to the director’s apartment ahead of time. (It’s the little things.)

But that one little tooth turned out to be a big problem. When Foster showed up for his first day on set, the producers had him cap the gap in his smile. After all that, the actor had to do something: “Rather than get it back to normal, I had the tooth extended a little bit, made it extra-long,” Foster told THR. “And I had it yellowed.” Drilling out his own tooth was not for naught!

Ben Foster Lost a Tooth for Hell or High Water