billy on the street

Watch Billy on the Street Try to Get Andy Samberg and Jon Hamm Some New Action Franchises

If you’re going to yell at New Yorkers, you might as well make it an exercise in market research. At least, that’s what Billy Eichner decided to do with his latest Billy on the Street outing — this one more star-studded than usual. In the clip, Eichner asserts that we need more characters upon which to build film franchises, and then road tests some of those characters by, well, Billy on the Street–ing passersby. Meet Andy Samberg as Tom, the MySpace guy, or as the DreamWorks-logo kid (“You’ve never seen childlike wonder this vague!”); Jon Hamm as Dr. Strange, Medicine Woman, and The New Yorker logo (catchphrase: “Take me seriously! It makes me really mad when you don’t”); and Lupita Nyong’o as the NBC peacock (catchphrase: “We just found out about Chicago four years ago and we’re very into it”). Keep your eyes peeled for other stars, too, like Common and Priyanka Chopra. And please appreciate, as ever, Eichner’s ability to convince New York City parents that shouting in their child’s face is in their best interest.

Billy on the Street’s New Film-Franchise Pitches