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Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Finally Meets Shirtless Vladimir Putin on SNL

How lucky is it that a shirtless Vladimir Putin was in Manhattan, just randomly hanging out and hiding in walls, when he pops down Donald Trump’s chimney to discuss important matters in person? It’s a Christmas miracle! Putin wants to relay the message that Russia is sooooo happy Trump’s going to be the new U.S. president “We think you’re the best candidate, the smartest candidate, the Manchurian candidate!” — and smooth over matters regarding whether ol’ Mother Russia may or may not have hacked the presidential election. But when Rex Tillerson (John Goodman!) also swings by to talk shop with Putty, it becomes pretty clear that Trump, well, would rather talk about destroying Vanity Fair and befriending Kanye West than oil-drilling problems. Seems about right.

Baldwin’s Trump Finally Meets Putin on SNL