Carrie Fisher Told a Bantha Joke on SNL, Which Really Pleased a Nerd Named Obi-Wan

Though Carrie Fisher’s relationship with her most famous role was at times fraught, when she hosted Saturday Night Live in 1978 she pleased fanatic Star Wars lovers by donning her Princess Leia costume. As if that white-dress-and-side-bun look wasn’t enough, she also delivered an Obi-Wan Kenobi–approved joke about banthas, droids, and holograms, which would have probably gone over a lot better with 2016’s prominent nerd culture — or perhaps worse, as people raised questions about how an overgrown desert ram (a.k.a. bantha) negotiates with a highly intelligent businessman like Jabba the Hutt? Luckily, the Jedi master’s voice was there to encourage Fisher to listen to the Force and complete the practiced joke before the monologue took a strange intergalactic leap into a 1950s teen beach movie. Watch the clip above.

Carrie Fisher Told Bantha Joke for SNL Monologue