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One of These Days, Alice, CBS Gonna Develop a Honeymooners Reboot … Oh, You Know What, It’s Today

Cast of The Honeymooners
Photo: John Springer Collection/Corbis via Getty Images

One might suggest that, as a classic sitcom that influenced virtually every multi-camera comedy that followed it, The Honeymooners has been rebooted dozens, if not hundreds of times in spirit. CBS seemingly does not agree, and as such, the network is going back to the Jackie Gleason original for a new series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new Honeymooners show will focus on “two couples — best friends and neighbors like the original — who contend with a new dynamic when one couple remarries after divorcing four years earlier.” Comedy writer and showrunner of ABC’s recent Muppets reboot Bob Kushell will pen the pilot script. Now, what’s the 2017 twist on constantly threatening to punch your wife in the mouth so hard, she flies all the way to the moon?

CBS Is Developing a Honeymooners Reboot