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President Bartlet and Other Celebs Urge the Electoral College Not to Vote for Trump

Well, if something’s going to steer the country away from Donald Trump’s presidency, a plot twist worthy of The West Wing sounds like a solid bet. Martin Sheen pulled out his President Bartlet gravitas for a new PSA that urges the Electoral College not to vote for Trump. He’s just one of many celebrities who make the argument that Trump is the kind of unfit leader that the Electoral College was created to safeguard against. West Wing co-star Richard Schiff, plus Debra Messing, Bob Odenkirk, and B.D. Wong are among the other famous folks pleading for the votes to go to some candidate other than Trump, even if not to Hillary Clinton. The effort is, of course, a long shot, but no one makes long shots seem plausible quite like Martin Sheen.

Celebrities Urge Electoral College Against Trump