Chance the Rapper Shares His Rejected ‘SNL’ Sketch Ideas on ‘Handsome Rambler’

It turns out that Chance the Rapper was much more than a musical guest on last weekend’s episode of SNL – he also spent a lot of time up in the writers’ offices. Speaking with Hannibal Buress on his podcast Handsome Rambler, Chance revealed that he was up with the SNL writers until 2:00am and pitched a bunch of ideas that were rejected (except, of course, “Jingle Barack”). Here’s an excerpt from the chat:

Buress: So you were there at 2 in the morning in the writers’ offices pitching? Chance: Yeah, going into each person’s room, you know what I’m saying – poppin’ in, giving them ideas. I had a few ideas. I’m just gonna shoot ‘em all at you really fast: Kwanzaa sketch. Gentrifried chicken. Hillary Clinton tries odd jobs. The Obama sketch. Kanye West joke.

Buress goes on to tell Chance about his “Fedora Basketball” sketch that Seth Meyers rejected back when he worked at the show. Listen to the whole Handsome Rambler episode below – the SNL talk starts around the 6-minute mark.

Chance the Rapper Shares His Rejected ‘SNL’ Sketch […]