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Charlie Sheen Wants Ted Cruz As His Running Mate for the 2020 Presidential Election

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As we all collectively shake our fists and yell “good riddance” to 2016, Charlie Sheen pops up on Twitter to remind us that things in the future could be even darker, or at least stranger. Sheen made a plea to former Trump rival Ted Cruz to join him in a run for the highest office in all the land. “C’mon Ted Cruz,” the tweet reads, “in 4 years we can unseat this guy!!” Sheen also explained his foolproof campaign strategy, “You bring the AWESOME, I’ll bring the WINNING!!”

For the context to this madness, we have to scroll through Sheen’s Twitter feed to a few days before. On Wednesday, Sheen, always a classy gent, responded to the recent rush of celebrity deaths (George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds) with a tweet that said, “Dear God; Trump next, please!” and included a middle-finger emoji. Of the many people who attempted to shame Sheen for his post — a futile effort regardless of the offense — Ted Cruz gained media traction with his own Twitter post that’s clever if you know your bible verses:

So, Sheen’s election post is just adding flames to a ridiculous Twitter feud. Still, if you told us on December 30, 2015, that Donald Trump would not only win the Republican nomination, but would also be our president-elect, we’d probably assume you were out of your mind, high on a Sheen-circa-2011-Las-Vegas-style bender. We somehow doubt Cruz will ever convince Sheen to embrace conservative Christian values, but Sheen did inspire Cruz to make a decent joke:

Charlie Sheen Wants a Sheen/Cruz 2020 Ticket