Check Out ‘Little Banks on Wall Street’ Featuring Carmen Christopher, Joe Pera, Conner O’Malley, and More

Until now, Carmen Christopher and Conner O’Malley have mostly teamed up to make videos as their “Wrigleyville Cubs Playboys,” but in their new web series Little Banks on Wall Street they take on a new, holiday-themed role: cutthroat Wall Street Christmas tree salesmen. Christopher stars in the series as Deion Banks, who decides to pursue a life of wealth and power after stumbling upon a copy of The Wolf of Wall Street: “And for the first time in my life, I started reading a book, and then it all became clear to me: I just need money to solve my problems.” Joe Pera, Ana Fabrega, John Reynolds, Gary Richardson, and more appear in the series, which was made by the good people at Chestnut Walnut Unlimited. Check out the first episode above, and watch the rest below:

Check Out ‘Little Banks on Wall Street’ Featuring […]