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Chris Pratt Is Cropping J.Law Out of All His Photos, and Honestly, How Dare He?

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence might seem like Hollywood sweethearts, but underneath their smiling faces, there is nothing but pure deceit. How else do you explain Chris Pratt’s new habit of cutting Jennifer Lawrence out of all of his Instagram photos? Clearly, he harbors some deep resentment against his co-star in Passengers, a film that’s marketed entirely on your desire to see Pratt and Lawrence banter and hook up in space. Clearly, there is anger here. This could never be a ploy for the sake of promoting the movie. No way.

Katniss would not stand for this. Nor would Joy, from the movie Joy.

This isn’t even a bad crop. It’s just rude.

Who are these people in the center of the frame? Certainly not Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence!

And here we thought you were the nice Hollywood Chris, Chris!

Really, this is the rudest one yet.

To quote the ‘90s TV classic Full House, “How rude!”

Aww man, why’d you have to bring Allison into this, Chris?

Chris Pratt Rudely Crops J.Law Out of Photos