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Chris Pratt Shows His Love for Parks and Rec Buddies Nick Offerman and Adam Scott With Pictures of His Poop

As Parks and RecreationsLeslie-Ann relationship taught us, long-distance friendships take work, but with communication, BFFs will stay that way forever. Unfortunately, for three of the series’ real-life bros Chris Pratt, Nick Offerman, and Adam Scott, one toilet is getting in the way of that communication. Pratt, on the press tour for Passengers, stopped by Conan, where he explained to the late-night host how he stayed connected to his former co-stars in the years since Parks and Rec went off the air: by sending pictures of his poop. Nowadays, however, his fancy Japanese electronic toilet is disposing of his excrement before he has a chance to get out his phone. Hopefully this won’t get in the way of a future scatalogical reunion episode.

Chris Pratt Sends Parks Castmates Pics of Poop