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Chris Pratt’s Santa Takes a Rather Frisky Turn During a Tonight Show Mad Lib Theater

Somewhere in Pawnee, Indiana, Chris Pratt’s alter ego Andy Dwyer is nodding his head in approval of Tuesday night’s Mad Lib Theater on the Tonight Show. Using words chosen by Pratt in the beginning of the segment, which included tween-boy favorites like dingdong, doinker, and star ship, the Passengers star and Jimmy Fallon acted out a classic Santa-and-elf North Pole scene that went south, fast. Though it was clear Pratt wished at times he had picked different words — or at least didn’t have to sing “Jingle Forks” — it did lead him to say to Fallon, “Then why did Rudolph see you spanking on the roof?” Hey, at night, even Kris Kringle might be inclined to let out a “ho, ho, ho” at that line while he shook his nads by the fire.

Chris Pratt Plays a Frisky Santa on Tonight Show