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Chrissy Teigen Makes It Pretty Clear John Legend Won’t Play Trump’s Inauguration: ‘Have Fun With DJ Buttcrack Spinning the Hot Shit’

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Despite his many, many fightin’ words, President-elect Donald Trump has never engaged in a real, full-blown back-and-forth Twitter feud since his election. If anyone is prepared to go toe-to-toe with him in real time, though, it’s Chrissy Teigen. (Well, and Alec Baldwin, but if that hasn’t happened already, it probably never will.) In the wake of numerous rumored rejections from musicians asked to perform at his inauguration, the soon-to-be-45th president of the United States tweeted last night, “The so-called ‘A’ list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration, but look what they did for Hillary, NOTHING. I want the PEOPLE!” In response, the model and Lip Sync Battle host said what we’re all thinking, plus a few things only the wife of a Grammy- and Oscar-winning A-list musician would think.

As always, Chrissy Teigen is nothing if not completely transparent about her politics.

Chrissy Teigen Reacts to Trump’s A-Listers Tweet