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Chrissy Teigen Joins the Havers of Weird Bill Murray Encounters; They Are Legion

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Bill Murray, maybe more myth than man at this point, is perhaps New York City’s most beloved urban legend. So, if you’re anybody who’s anybody, you have a weird Bill Murray story in your back pocket. (And, if not, you probably staged a meeting when he tended that bar.) As The New Yorker pointed out with a video of a support group sharing Bill Murray encounters, the privilege can also be an isolating experience, a burden of wondering, did that really just happen? Well, today, you can start to feel a little less alone, because Chrissy Teigen saw the video and she is here to say she’s with you. Teigen shared her own Bill Murray story on Twitter, and it’s predictably a doozy. “Wait this happened to me too. A waiter dropped a plate of half-eaten food and said it was from ‘the man at the bar,’” the cookbook author wrote, and — okay, you know what happens next, but here’s to telling you anyway — “it was bill murray.” …. Or was it? Could’ve been Tom Hanks; instead of some half-eaten food, try chewing on that.

Chrissy Teigen Tells Her Weird Bill Murray Story