The Cruel Intentions TV Series Is Officially As Dead As Sebastian

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Was this all just some kind of sick game? After teasing us for months, the Cruel Intentions TV series is not happening. The blow comes courtesy of Deadline, who reports that after unsuccessfully shopping the show to other outlets once NBC passed on the pilot, Sony TV will now let sleeping dogs lie. (Of course, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie just so happens to have been Cruel Intention’s working title.) The series was to be a continuation of the movie, following Annette (Reese Witherspoon) and Sebastian’s (Ryan Phillippe) son (even tender ‘90s-movies lovin’ has consequences) as he discovers his family legacy. Sarah Michelle Gellar had been booked to reprise her role as a coke-snorting temptress extraordinaire for the show, but alas, all of those dreams are now dead. So, have the last embers of your hope finally been snuffed? Good, now get them cracklin’ again, because there is a smidgen of good news. While the Cruel Intentions show is definitely not going forward in its current form, Sony TV might redevelop the concept and try again. And hey, if that doesn’t work, Amy Adams’s momentous performance in Cruel Intentions 2 ain’t going anywhere.

Cruel Intentions TV Series As Dead As Sebastian