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Ex–Deadpool 2 Director Tim Miller Discusses Why He Left the Film

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool relaxes before leaping into battle.
Photo: David Dolsen/Marvel Studios/ Twentieth Century Fo

When Deadpool director Tim Miller unexpectedly stepped away from his Deadpool 2 directorial duties in October, it was widely reported that it was due to creative differences with the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds, and that the two had “increasingly butted heads over certain creative issues.” Miller has remained mum on the reasoning behind the decision, but he’s now finally speaking out about what caused him to depart the R-rated Marvel universe. “I just want to say one thing to the geek audience out there because it’s important to me what the geeks and nerds of the world think because they are my brothers and sisters: I didn’t want to make some stylized movie that was three times the budget,” he said on CG Garage. “If you read the Internet, who cares, really? But for those of you who do, I wanted to make the same kind of movie that we made before because I think that’s the right movie to make for the character. So don’t believe what you read on the Internet. I wanted to do the same thing.” It was recently announced that David Leitch  perhaps best known for John Wick — will be assuming the role of Deadpool 2’s director in Miller’s place.

Director Tim Miller Discusses Leaving Deadpool 2