united states of pop

DJ Earworm’s 2016 United States of Pop Is What You Came For

There are three certainties in this world: death, taxes, and DJ Earworm’s annual United States of Pop music-video mashup. The Leonardo Da Vinci of song- and video-stitching has once again brought you the year’s biggest hits all wrapped up in one slick package, with pride of placement heavily favoring top-40 monsters like the Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, Flo Rida, and Bruno Mars. But the clear big winner is Vulture’s August bracket Song of the Summer winner “This Is What You Came For,” by Rihanna and Calvin Harris (and Nils Sjoberg, née Taylor Swift), which provides the foundation beat for the whole mix. If you need us, we’ll just be here curating the best of what pop culture has to offer for you. Happy listening.

DJ Earworm’s 2016 United States of Pop Is Here