Drake Is Spotify’s Most-Streamed Artist This Year and Ever

2016 American Music Awards - Roaming Show
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/AMA2016/FilmMagic

While Drake’s personal life might’ve been a little … who even knows this year, 2016 was a banner moment for Drake professionally. In addition to netting his first No. 1 song, Drake is Spotify’s most-streamed artist for the second year in a row. His music had over 4.7 billions streams, which, in addition to being mind-boggling in its own right, trounces last year’s 1.8 billion. That number helped Drake beat out fellow big-time streams, including Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West. Plus, in addition to being the top-streaming artist, Drake also had the most-streamed song with “One Dance” and the most-streamed album with Views. Oh, and he’s also Spotify’s most-streamed artist ever, with over 8 billion streams in all. So yeah, it’s good to be Drake. Turns out, Spotify is a meme’s medium.

Drake Is Spotify’s Most-Streamed Artist in 2016