TV Is So Hot Right Now That Facebook Is Getting Into Scripted Content

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Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

You’ve already got too much TV to watch. Obviously, you need more. If there’s one company that specializes in giving the people more of what they probably don’t need but will definitely spend hours of their life consuming, it’s Facebook, which is why no one should be surprised that the social-media giant wants to enter the original programming racket. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company is going to start rolling out “original and licensed scripted, unscripted, and sports content, that takes advantage of mobile and the social interaction unique to Facebook.” No details have been provided about specific creative partnerships, but the company has partnered in the past with companies like the New York Times, CNN, and THR for live video content on the social network. More than a Netflix-style operation, the Facebook move sounds a lot like YouTube Originals, the scripted content branch of the video hub that airs shows through its subscriber-based Red service. Now imagine a future in which Facebook is competing with HBO for Emmys — great news for any Macedonian teens who dream of being the next Dick Wolf.

Facebook to Start Producing Scripted Content