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Fast 8’s Dramatic New Title Is an Inexplicable Missed Opportunity

We h8 this.

On Sunday, the trailer for the eighth addition to the Fast and the Furious family will make its debut, which is fantastic news for fans of Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren in fast cars. But it’s perhaps the worst news for word nerds because it also means the introduction of yet another ridiculous movie title in this, the most ridiculously titled of franchises. Fast 8 is no longer Fast 8, as Vin Diesel repeatedly said it was. Behold: It is now The Fate of the Furious. It’s a title that’s this close to being perfect: Imagine the world in which the Fast franchise took a big bite out of its own cheese and named the damn thing The F8 of the Furious. Or — if all that NOS has really clouded your brain — just F8. Never forget that this series started in 2001, when abbreviating words with letters was only half embarrassing. Embrace your history! Take the nostalgia bait! It’s what Paul Walker, and by proxy Vin Diesel, would’ve wanted!

Fast 8 Has a Silly New Title