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Federal Agents Have Discovered a West Wing DVD Bootlegging Operation In D.C., Because Apparently It’s 2006

The West Wing
Photo: Michael O’Neil/NBC via Getty Images

Washington, D.C.: the place where bootlegging meets bureaucracy. Federal agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement are investigating an extensive bootlegging operation in which DVDs of The West Wing, The Sopranos, The Twilight Zone, and The Big Bang Theory were allegedly illegally imported to the United States. Washington’s NBC affiliate reports that investigators have seized parcels from a DHL shipping facility that included $2,800 worth of West Wing DVDs (a show that is readily available on Netflix). After raiding a suspect’s home in 2012, agents found nearly 2,000 DVDs, and at least 300 of those are suspected to be counterfeit. The goods are thought to have been shipped from Hong Kong. Now that the president-elect has promised to drain the swamp, let’s start with cutting Sheldon Cooper from the company of President Jed Bartlet and Tony Soprano.

The Feds Bust D.C. DVD Bootlegging Ring