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Felicity Jones Fights Jimmy Fallon and Debuts a New Rogue One Clip in All-Around Productive Evening

Wednesday’s Tonight Show was a typical crowd-pleaser, with lots to love for both fiction and nonfiction aficionados alike. Let’s say you’re a fiction lover. Well, lookie here, a nice new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story clip that shows Felicity Jones fighting in character as Jyn. Per usual, droid K-2SO burgles the scene, but Jyn gets in some good laser hits before that. Now, let’s say fantasy unnerves you and you’re more about the nitty-gritty truth of things. The Tonight Show still has you covered, thanks to a bit with Felicity Jones fighting out of character as Felicity Jones. She shows off her kung fu moves to Jimmy Fallon, who is terrified, despite literally asking for this. Alas, there’s nothing nittier or grittier than being careless about what you wish for.

Felicity Jones Fights, Debuts New Rogue One Clip