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Finally, Kate McKinnon Is Getting Her Own Movie

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It’s about damn time. After a few years of working the film circuit in a strictly supporting capacity, SNL goddess Kate McKinnon has finally snagged her first leading role. Per Deadline, McKinnon will be headlining the delightfully kooky comedy The Lunch Witch of course it’s a comedy which is based on the young-adult novel by Deb Lucke. Portraying the titular witch named Grunhilda, who “inherits her famous ancestors’ recipes and cauldron,” McKinnon’s character is forced to use her unique set of skills to get hired as a school lunch lady since nobody believes in magic anymore. Despite getting a kick out of mercilessly scaring the school’s children, Grunhilda soon has a change of heart and becomes an unlikely friend and confidant to a timid young girl, even though the relationship goes against “everything Grunhilda believes in as a witch.” Let’s be real, there will probably be a whole lot of breaking on the set.