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Taken TV Series Trailer: This Time It’s a Little Less Personal

When you’re building a TV show around a film property that’s all about one desperate mission, the adaptation process can get a little tricky. Whereas Taken (the movie) was about the unhinged lengths Liam Neeson is willing to go to in search of his daughter, who’s been, ya know, taken, Taken (the NBC TV series) is not about that. Instead, Bryan Mills’s (Clive Standen) sister is killed almost immediately, and Mills recovers from the tragedy by signing up as a CIA operative who hunts for other taken people. There are still plenty of constants across Taken universes, however. For example, when people are constantly getting kidnapped, it can be hard to find time to shave. Decide if you’re taken with Taken when the show premieres February 27.

This post has been updated to reflect that Bryan Mill’s sister, not daughter, dies in the TV series.

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