HBO to Broadcast a Complete Game of Thrones Series Marathon

Photo: HBO

Since winter is definitely here, HBO knows you have nothing better to do with your frostbitten vacation time than binge-watch TV. So block out December 26 through New Year’s Eve, because the network is reairing the complete series over the course of six days. It’s almost an adorable concept, flooding your airwaves with a marathon like that in the age of streaming. Presumably, anyone who would be watching HBO live via an actual cable subscription would also have an HBO Go account, and could watch the show at will without having to relive the awfully boring and anti-climactic “Can they resurrect Jon Snow?!” plotline. But maybe you want to pretend you’re not using your parents’ log-ins and live like it’s 2003, when we were fully at the mercy of networks to program what they wanted, when they wanted to. Savage times.

HBO to Air Complete Game of Thrones Marathon