The Good Fight Had to Go Through Rewrites After Hillary Clinton Lost the Election

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Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Though Michelle and Robert King, show creators of The Good Fight, have gone so far as to claim that Donald Trump’s presidency “gives a strong rationale” for the existence for their upcoming Good Wife spinoff, that was not always the case. According to an interview with the Kings in the print edition of Entertainment Weekly, the show actually had to go through pretty big rewrites when, eight days into filming, Donald Trump won the presidential election. Before Trump’s victory on November 8, the show included scenes explicitly reacting to Hillary Clinton serving as America’s first female president. Originally, the pilot saw Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) feeling inspired to make a life change in reaction to the female president-elect. “Like most pollsters, we thought Hillary Clinton would win the presidency,” the Kings said, “so we wrote scenes about Diane retiring from the law because she broke every glass ceiling.’” Though they didn’t share the complete details of the reworked pilot, Robert did tease that the showrunners want the series to be “as current as possible, so it’s important to anticipate events that haven’t happened yet. I think it’s safe to anticipate the Trump inauguration.” The show premieres February 19 on CBS.

The Good Fight Had Rewrites After the Election