Breathe, There’s a Fiery New Nine Inch Nails Song in Our Midst

2014 Pemberton Music And Arts Festival
It’s literally lit. Photo: Andrew Chin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Well, it’s not sharp objects clanking around in a blender, but its not not that. Ahead of their new EP that we found out about last week, Nine Inch Nails (now with Atticus Ross included) have shared a song off it. “Burning Bright (Field on Fire)” is their first new song since 2013 and, honestly, Trent Reznor sounds like he’s had a lot to get off his chest. Perhaps scoring twisted thrillers and Facebook’s origin story wasn’t cathartic enough, or maybe dude’s just got heartburn. “Burn, motherfucker!” he yells. Reznor also spends much of this rageful new song telling us how much he’s missed us (or NIN, it’s hard to tell) and how he had no other choice but to go back (“look at this pathetic place I made”), but we’re not convinced. Oh, wait, what’s that you say? “I think I may have even listened to you! At the height of my demise.” Oh, Trent, we’re flattered. All is forgiven! The rest of Not the Actual Events (one more sign maybe not to trust this plea) drops tomorrow.

Hear Nine Inch Nails’ New Song, ‘Burning Bright’