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Shaq Has a New Favorite Beyoncé Song and He’s Here to Passionately Lip-Sync It for Your Grammy Consideration

Shaquita strikes again. If there’s anything worth knowing about Shaq, let it not be that he’s a Hall of Fame basketball player or even a “rapper.” The No. 1 Shaq fact is that he’s a Beyoncé superfan — queen of the Beyhive, even. You can watch him lip-sync to “Sweet Dreams” in drag or lip-sync his favorite Bey song “Halo” while she’s right there performing it at the Super Bowl, if you don’t believe us. For his three-peat, Shaq now has a new Bey song, “All Night,” to christen as his favorite the only way he knows how: with a passionate, fighting-back-tears, lip-sync rendition. This is not your average lip-sync battle; this is war! His own personal case for Bey to conquer the Grammys made, unconvincingly, with some badly altered version of her vocals. Never change, Shaq.

Here’s Shaq Lip-Syncing Beyoncé’s ‘All Night’