horace and pete

Horace and Pete Is Finally on Hulu, So You No Longer Have an Excuse for Not Having Seen It

Louis C.K. in Horace and Pete

After months of only being available for purchase on Louis C.K.’s personal website, Horace and Pete has found its way to a streaming service (Hulu, specifically), just as C.K. himself promised earlier this year. The webseries, which stars C.K. and Steve Buscemi as proprietors of a Brooklyn bar, is a meandering, melancholic twist on classic sitcoms like Cheers, with stellar supporting performances from the likes of Jessica Lange and Laurie Metcalf, who was nominated for an Guest Actress Emmy for her work on the show. If nothing else, make sure to watch Metcalf’s episode, the third in the season, and then keep going through the rest, especially if you want to feed a depressive spiral, or just like good TV.

Horace and Pete Is Finally on Hulu