Hugh Jackman Razzes High-School-Drama Failure Ryan Reynolds With a Performance That’d Make Deadpool Proud

If you’re a celebrity impersonator, you’ve probably spent a lot of time getting your impression juuust right. You’ve made a dedicated study of your mark, you’ve augmented your appearance to whatever degree fits your comfort, and you’ve matched your voice to the timbre in question. And sure, you could do all of that work. Or you could steal Hugh Jackman’s one simple secret: conviction. With a voice that speaks from behind a Ryan Reynolds mask, a new video on Instagram has Jackman proclaiming, “Ryan Reynolds here.” And you know what? Who are we to doubt him, Australian accent be damned? The “100% real video” of Reynolds accepting his Hollywood Walk of Fame star has “Ryan” continuing, “You may remember me from such things as People Magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive or the 12th best DC Comics movie Green Lantern.” Now, being Reynolds, the “talented” guy who “failed his high-school drama class,” is one thing. But being the guy to effortlessly impersonate that guy? Someone call James Lipton, because the Actor’s Studio awaits.

Hugh Jackman Goes Deadpool-Rude on Ryan Reynolds