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J. Cole Gets Jump on Surprise Album With Surprise Documentary Eyez

Well, J. Cole is indeed dropping a semi-surprise album next week, but that news somewhat buries the lede, as the announcement of 4 Your Eyez Only came with the full-surprise release of a documentary called Eyez. The 40-minute feature shows what J. Cole’s been up to since 2014 Forest Hills Drive became a mega-hit, giving a glimpse into the creative process behind the upcoming album. Eyez has a more informal feel than Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming, the HBO documentary about J. Cole that aired earlier this year. Forgoing the talking-head approach, Eyez instead just observes J. Cole at work, and also at  play — there’s, of course, plenty of basketball skill on display. 4 Your Eyez Only is dropping December 9, while you can watch Eyez, courtesy of Tidal, above.

J. Cole Releases Documentary Eyez