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Jennifer Lawrence Finally Got Revenge on Chris Pratt for Cropping Her Out of His Instagram Pictures

The press tour for Passengers has quickly become a chance for the stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, to one-up each other at every turn. After a surprisingly hard-hitting round of roasting on BBC Radio’s Playground Insults, J.Law, flying solo, laid out an attack Pratt had no chance of defending on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night. Fueled by the photo evidence of Pratt cropping her face out of photos on social media, the Hunger Games actress went full Katniss Everdeen — if Katniss wielded a bottle of spray paint — on a tour bus sporting Pratt’s face. Somehow, we think their charming conversations about man boobs will bring these two friends back together.

J.Law Finally Gets Revenge on Chris Pratt