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A Naked Jai Courtney Chased Suicide Squad Director David Ayer on Set, Confirming That Shoot As an Endless Hell

If you thought that the terrifying tales from the set of Suicide Squad would stop just because the movie got released, well aren’t you a beautiful little beacon of shining naïveté. No matter how many Suicide Squad horrors are recounted, there will always be more, because filming Suicide Squad was hell, and the only way to survive hell is to talk your way back. And so the latest entry in the saga comes from Jai Courtney, who revealed on Thursday’s Conan that he once targeted director David Ayer by chasing after him naked. Now, some might ask, dear Jai Courtney, why? “I’m an impulsive guy,” that’s why. Of course, before you go feeling sorry for Ayer, please remember, there are no innocent parties in Suicide Squad.

Jai Courtney Ran Naked on Suicide Squad Set