LeBron James Dropped Off $1.3 Million to The Wall Winners in Person, So It’s Really Like They Won $2.6 Million

Photo: Getty Images/Slaven Vlasic

You never want to hear your mom shrieking and howling like she has suddenly lost her damn mind, unless that screaming is in response to LeBron James suddenly appearing at your doorstep with $1.3 million in cash. The Cleveland Cavs star posted a video of himself surprising the winners of NBC’s The Wall with two duffel bags filled with $1.3 million in cash yesterday. John and Angel Whorton won the huge payout on the premiere episode of the game show (which doesn’t premiere until January 2), for which James acts as executive producer. The Whortons live in James’ hometown of Akron, so emotionally it must feel like Jesus suddenly materialized … and also he had two duffel bags filled with $1.3 million in cash. Also, in this scenario, Jesus is very, very good at basketball.

James Drops Off $1.3 Million to Wall Winners