James Franco Stayed True to His Why Him? Character by Decking Out His House on Set With Paintings by James Franco

With the verdict still out on how seriously James Franco should be taken as an artist, the provocateur seems to be taking a sideways approach: Look at his paintings, whether you want to or not. Appearing on Wednesday’s Conan, Franco revealed that he decked out his new comedy, Why Him?, with his own paintings, you know, to keep things “in line with the character.” It’s a sneaky trick, though if you thought you could make it through the tech-bro comedy without seeing two capybaras go at it, what exactly did you think you were buying a ticket to see? And Franco’s entrepreneurial spirit is unsurprisingly not confined to his own films. He also gave co-star Bryan Cranston a painting that depicts a marijuana leaf (not exactly Cranston’s drug of choice, but sure), thereby pressuring Cranston to hang that baby up for all to see. All the world is James Franco’s stage, and we just live in it.

James Franco Put His Own Paintings in Why Him?