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Jennifer Lawrence Apologizes to Hawaiians for Desecrating a Sacred Landmark

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Last week, Jennifer Lawrence shared an anecdote on The Graham Norton Show about the time she desecrated a sacred formation of rocks while filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Hawaii. While stuck in a wet suit for filming, Lawrence explained that in order to relieve some pernicious itching, she scratched her butt so vigorously against one of the rocks that it dislodged from the formation and fell down a steep incline. Shortly after the clip made a viral run online, people started criticizing Lawrence for her lack of regard for the culturally significant land features, which prompted a response from the actress this afternoon on her Facebook page.

From Jen, to the internet:

I meant absolutely no disrespect to the Hawaiian people. I really thought that I was being self deprecating about the fact that I was “the curse,” but I understand the way it was perceived was not funny and I apologize if I offended anyone.

Blame it on the curse of the cool girl, then.

Jennifer Lawrence Apologizes to Hawaiians