where's the beef?

Who Could Possibly Be the ‘Collectively Loathed’ Celebrities Jennifer Lawrence Has Nicknames For?

In the gift that keeps on giving that is Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen has now dragged all of the endearing little nicknames for celebrities out of Jennifer Lawrence against her will. Well, at the will of her BFF Laura, who, bribed with alcohol, revealed that Lawrence essentially has a burn book. It’s all in her head, of course, but, boy, is it fiery. Together they’ve come up with “Pickle” and “The Lady” — or, as J.Law notes, its various iterations, “The Raging Lady,” The Lady in Red,” and “The Lady in Waiting” — to refer to celebs they “collectively loathe.” Who has the pleasure of receiving such a great honor? We’ll give you one good guess at the source of this bad blood.

J.Law Gave Nicknames to the Celebs She Hates